Welcome to the BCLC 2021 Update in Liver Cancer. 
Thanks for your interest in this activity that we have planned to prime interactivity and exchange of knowedge between attendees and Faculty.
Despite the event being virtual, we are sure that we will have a memorable event. 


The BCLC liver oncology group is a leader in Spanish and international research into liver cancer. Our studies and those of other researchers have been discussed, presented and published in recent years, and, as is usual, have led to new issues being debated and revealed the need for further research. Interaction with doctors and researchers in Spain and abroad has made it clear that there is a need for an event such as the one we are proposing.

The objectives of this meeting are to provide updates into our current understanding of the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of liver cancer. In particular, this includes:

  • Understanding the changes in the epidemiology of liver cancer and the impact of antiviral treatments and the increase of cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Understanding the diagnostic capacity of image criteria in the diagnosis of hepatocellular cancer, with the application of new contrasts.
  • Debating the use of molecular profiles in prognostic evaluation and treatment decisions. Debating surgical treatment criteria (including transplants) in order to achieve equity and benefits across different populations.
  • Updating criteria and the need for improvements in locoregional treatments.
  • Updating understanding of systemic treatment with description of priorities depending on personalized assessment and life expectancy.
  • Debating the possible use of surrogate survival parameters in evaluating new treatment options.