Chat Room Director: Neus LLarch

12:00-12:05 Welcome

12:05- 12:20 Multidisciplinary management of liver cancer
Panel: Sergio Muñoz, Neus Llarch
• Coordination of different professionals. Hospital and outpatient treatments. Patient-Physician- Nurse: The core team.
• Management of referrals. Welcome protocol. Diagnostic circuit. Treatments. Telephone consultation.

12:20-12:40 Educational programs for liver cancer patients
Speakers: Gemma Iserte, Patrizia Künzler
• Design of materials and new technologies
• Educational programs for liver cancer treatments

12:40-12:55 Dietary guidance for liver cancer patients
Speaker: Joan Trabal
• Diet in liver cancer, beliefs, barriers and adherence strategies

12:55-13:30 The nurse’s role in patients with liver cancer
Panel: Marta Campos, Núria Granel, Gemma Iserte
Case discussion focusing on Nurse role in:
• Hospitalization: pain management, detection of complications, diet progression.
• Outpatient management: detection of complications. Patient empowerment.
• End of life management: Resources. Support to families. The “Therapeutic pampering” concept.

13:30- 13:55 Nursing in research
Speakers: Marta Campos, Neus Llarch
• Nursing in clinical trials: Study logistics. Follow up tools. Control of protocol deviations.
• Own and collaborative research: Choosing a research question. Measuring nurse intervention. Prospective work methodology.

13:55-14:00 Final conclusions and closure

BCLC Faculty will be available for web-based interaction to comment about Liver Cancer issues of his/her field of expertise. This is a pre-booked activity of 45 minutes each with a limited number of attendees.

  • Diagnosis and staging / Early stage treatment
  • Locoregional treatment
  • Systemic treatment A
  • Systemic treatment B

14:00-14:05 Welcome
Jordi Bruix
Maria Reig

14:05-14:35 Hot Topics in Diagnosis, Staging and Evaluation of Response
Moderators: Jordi Rimola and Carmen Ayuso
Panel: Maxime Ronot, Alberto Benito, Alba Díaz, Anna Darnell

14:36-15:06 Evolving field of surgical treatment of Liver Cancer
Moderators: Joana Ferrer and Alejandro Forner
Panel: Jean-Charles Nault, Vincenzo Mazzaferro, Chirstian Toso

15:07-15:47 Challenging Clinical Decision making beyond early stage
Moderators: Jordi Bruix , Alba Díaz, Carmen Ayuso

15:47-16:17 Timely Treatment Stage Migration
Moderators: Jordi Bruix and Bruno Sangro
Panel: Irene Bargellini, Eric Vibert, Massimo Iavarone, Ernest Belmonte

16:17-16:47 Optimal Locoregional approach
Moderators: Jens Ricke and Marta Burrel
Panel: Irene Bargellini, Fabio Piscaglia, Jordi Bruix

16:47-17:17 Current systemic treatment options for HCC
Moderator: Peter Galle
Junior Scientific Assistant: Marco Sanduzzi- Zamparelli
Presentation: Maria Reig
Question & Answer

17:17-17:57 Challenges in systemic therapy of Liver Cancer Research
Moderator: Jordi Bruix
Junior Scientific Assistant: Sergio Muñoz
Panel: Peter Galle, Jean-Charles Nault, Jordi Rimola, Lorenza Rimassa, Bruno Sangro
Open discussion based on participants questions.

17:57-18:37 Management of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
Moderator: Alejandro Forner and Lorenza Rimassa
Panel: Angela Lamarca, Bas Groot Koerkamp, Ángeles Garcia-Criado, Gonzalo Sapisochin, Leonardo da Fonseca

18:37-18:57 Securing of treatment adherence and patient safety by BCLC d-tools
Moderator: María Reig
Junior scientific assistant: Marta Campos
Panel: Gemma Iserte, Neus LLarch

18:57-19:22 How does COVID19 impact Liver Cancer Management?
Moderators: Massimo Iavarone, Alejandro Forner, Maria Reig

19:22-19:37 Final comments and meeting closure
Jordi Bruix
Maria Reig

The digital BCLC update 2020, Barcelona, Spain, 26/04/2021-27/04/2021 has been granted 7 European CME credits (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).